Bellosta Village

Population: 977, Size: 16 acres
Wealth: 9,770 gp. Max value for sale: 322 gp. Max pawn value: 1,710 gp
Demographics: Human (69%), Halfling (11%), Dwarf (9%), Elf (8%), Gnome (1%), Half-Elf (1%), Half-Orc (1%)
Detailed Demographics

Bentwater has an awful smell, and is known for its greedy merchants. The Village is ruled by a priest of the local religion. There is some tension between the races.


Tavern: The Wandering Boot

Owner: Dean Yardley, Male Human [Details]

Location: In a well-lit avenue with guard towers. The street outside is adjacent to a large home and has a pickpocket looking for marks.
Description: The tavern is a terra cotta big orb-like building, with a white shingled roof and a large cellar. It contains a set of gold scales and a poker table.
Quests and Rumors

  • Duck Ramen with Cake and a Tankard of Beer (5 sp)
  • Cheese Cake and a Tankard of Cider (4 sp)
  • Ham Stew and a Glass of Wine (4 sp)

Other Patrons:
Dara Tiltathana, Female Elf [Details]
Willow Underfoot, Female Halfling [Details]
Arannis Fasharash, Male Elf [Details]
Cory Atterton, Male Human [Details]
Joan Gracey, Female Human [Details]
Roland Whitby, Male Human [Details]

Alchemist: The Unicorn’s Path

Owner: Nalral Burrowfound, Male Dwarf [Details]

Location: In a temple ward. The street outside contains a heroic monument.
Description: The alchemist is a adobe tower, with an orange shingled roof and a small vegetable garden. A duck serves as a mascot and greets customers. It contains piles of scrolls and books on the counter and along the walls and a small serving area with glowing potions.
Potion of Greater Healing (dmg 187) (150 gp)
Potion of Growth (dmg 187) (264 gp)
Potion of Water Breathing (dmg 188) (172 gp)

Other Patrons:
Vani Underbough, Female Halfling [Details]
Adelaide Graham, Female Human [Details]

Enchanter: Vast Eye

Owner: Don Watson, Male Human [Details]

Location: In a side street near the town gate. The street outside contains a heroic monument and has a fortune teller.
Description: The enchanter is a plaster simple building, with a green tile roof and a small enclosed deck. It contains a taxidermied bear near the entrance and a brass statue of many intertwining dragon serpents.
Dust of Dryness (dmg 166) (119 gp)
Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments (dmg 183) (198 gp)
Dust of Disappearance (dmg 166) (293 gp)

Other Patrons:
Vonbin Thrahak, Male Dwarf [Details]
Hunter Hornsby, Male Human [Details]
Rolf Altham, Male Human [Details]

General Store: The Slayer’s Stash

Owner: Peren Holimion, Male Elf [Details]

Location: In a major crossroads. The street outside is a covered walkway with many twinkling lights and is full of market stalls.
Description: The general store is a wooden single storey building, with a heather-thatched roof and a small enclosed deck. It contains an old-looking telescope and the walls are covered in shelves full of supplies.
Smith’s Tools (phb 154) (19 gp)
Mirror, Steel (phb 150) (5 gp)
Hammer (phb 150) (1 gp)

Other Patrons:
Ralf Redfield, Male Human [Details]
Darrow Tealeaf, Male Halfling [Details]
Heward Radcliffe, Male Human [Details]


Small Cottage

Owner: Gorga Winchester, Female Half-Orc [Details]

The house is a timber and brick two-storey building, with several shuttered windows and dead hedges. It contains a single bachelor-style room with a bed and dresser. In the middle of the room is a simple cooking pot over an enclosed flame. A bunch of dried fruit hangs from the ceiling in long strands. Dried corn is strewn in a corner which a couple chickens peck at.

Bellosta Village

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