Oriel Acton

Captain in the Crimson Talon Legion


Description: Oriel is an attractive woman, lean and moderately muscular. She dresses well, typically a more casual-formal manner. Her red hair is smooth and relatively long. She has blue eyes

Personality: Stoic and calm, she prefers to meditate before big decisions. On the job, she is cold, steely and emotionless. Off the job, she is cordial and polite. She is stubborn though. She always likes to keep a trick up her sleeve. She likes to fight dirty and will kick and punch below the belt if she feels she even has a chance of losing.

History: A studious child she never was much for a social life, not because she was unlikable, but because she did not seek it out. Her parents enlisted into the king’s army at a young age in order to pay fewer taxes on their farm. After serving honorably until she was 26, she was offered a commission in the Crimson Talon Legion. She now heads the Crimson Talons in Aulasia.

Occupation: Captain


Oriel Acton

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