Naldien Thromorin

Lieutenant in the Crimson Talon Legion


Description: Naldien wears a weathered and beat up set of banded mail beneath a crimson cloak, and carries morningstars. His white hair shows his dusk elf heritage. He has green eyes.

Personality: Naldien considers himself the proctor for the Crimson Talons in Aulasia. He feels this is his duty and calling. His home and work are filled with various knick knacks he has acquired through the years. He cares a great deal for his adopted teenage daughter.

History: Born in the south his family was never financially stable. His mother disappeared, and while he tried to raise money to find his mother, he was betrayed dozens of times. His wife left him while he was on a mission for the Crimson Talons, taking their daughter with her. He asked to be transferred to Aulasia where he later adopted a second daughter.

Occupation: Lieutenant


Naldien Thromorin

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